Arco FC

Arco FC develops and produces Next Gen Fuel Cells & Battery Packs (PEM Fuel Cells & Lithium Ion Battery Packs) based on own Intellectual Property and Innovative product design philosophy.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the fuel cell business can count on portfolio of patents and large know-how gained over the last two decades and is one of major provider of fuel cell power modules and advanced lithium ion battery pack to the global market.

Arco FC is also system integrator of top-notch hybrid electrical propulsion systems in aerospace industry and mobile power system.

Based on the demonstrated fundamentals of the technology:
Bringing clean, safe, and abundant energy for our present

Our competitors use a complicated architecture
Our patents enable a simple and effective architecture leading to
cost reduction

Why Arco FC?

A company with proven fundamentals: 20 years of experience in FC stack and systems with competitive technology in several fields. Market knowledge in material handling sector and heavy-duty applications and Own Manufacturing Process Chemistry and FC stack
Demonstrated Technology: Zero emissions, competitive cost and fast charging: 1 to 3 minutes for H2 FC and 1 hour for lithium batteries means long life with high energy density
Great room for technological improvement and cost reduction: Higher Power Density means to reduce cost, and Higher Energy Density means to extend usage time. Innovative Components > reduction of the cost of components

Fuel cell Stacks

PEM Arco FC Stacks

Hydrogen Power System

Forklift Trucks

Lithium ion Battery Pack

Arco FC forklift lithium battery pack

The transition from the motor vehicle to the electric vehicle is now a reality that has generated a demand for storage systems and electricity generation higher than the offer. Market analysts forecast an average annual volume growth (CAGR, compound annual growth rate) of 16% in the lithium battery sector and 19% in the fuel cell sector (2015-2030).

Our system is unique and is suitable for various applications (see “Markets”). The results of the tests performed by Toyota M.H. indicate that the FCH hybrid system developed by Arco FC is able to guarantee, in that specific application, respectable performance, with recharging times of only 3 minutes and zero CO2 emissions.

Arco FC is an innovative startup with the essence of a company with 20 years of past activities and 40 million euros invested in the fuel cells sector, without any limitation of use of intellectual property.

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