Arco FC Product Quality Assurance

Arco FC Product Quality

Arco FC considers product reliability and quality of upmost importance. Every battery pack and FC is sold with warranty. For its fuel cell and battery pack solutions, Arco FC works to the highest standards requested by the market that include the testing of not only all components but also subsystems and software as appropriate, e.g. stress test, technical performance verification. Furthermore, product safety is a key pillar in Arco FC’s product specification. Arco FC adheres to high safety standards for its fuel cell and battery pack solutions.

Arco FC Quality Control process on Fuel Cells

• Check on components to be delivered;
• Audit on the details of every single cells;
• Membrane and cell assembly monitoring during the whole manufacturing process;
• Integrity pre-test;
• Post integrity test and performance verifications;
• Post test analysis and Cell Data report;
• Cell safety check.

Arco FC Quality Control process on lithium ion batteries

• Physical characteristics;
• Battery Discharge Capacity Assessment;
• Simulated Internal Test;
• Overcharge and Overdischarge Test;
• Full depth of Discharge Cycling;

To this end, Arco FC has obtained om 8 May 2020 certification by TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l. for the conformity of lithium-ion battery cells (LiFePO4 Cell) according to fulfilled Standards IEC 62619:2017 and EN 62619:2017 and has activated the process of certification for its battery pack product.

Regarding the certification of its Fuel Cells, the company has identified as a certification body in Milan with which it is now
working with a view to have its FC standard products certified by mid-2021. The company is also working with the TMH in
the certification process which Arco FC are tied to.

Also, Arco FC is preparing the groundwork for certification under ISO 9001:2015 for Product realization which it will seek
to obtain during 2022.

Please find the Arco FC Lithium ion battery TUV Certification here: LINK

Certificate Number: AK 50474710
Order Number: 168261694
Certified Product: Battery Cell (LiFePO4 Cell)
Model Designation: LF80A
Fulfilled Standards:  IEC 62619:2017
EN 62619:2017

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
Date of Issue: 2020-08-05

Certificate Type: Certificate of Conformity

The certificate of conformity (CoC) refers to the product specified in the certificate. The certificate demonstrates that a product sample was tested and evaluated at a specific time, and found to be in conformity with the assessment requirements specified in the certificate.

A CoC is relevant to importers and exporters to prove that products comply with local regulations.

This certificate does not imply an assessment of the product’s production and does not permit the use of a TÜV Rheinland test mark.

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