Lithium Battery Division

Lithium Battery Division

ARCO-FC Lithium Battery Division manufactures and provides:

Very extended range of lithium battery packs to original equipment manufacturers and system integrators and for a wide range of applications ranging from stationary to mobile.Complete ready to go lithium battery pack power systems for forkift truck and mobile application.



Proprietary Electronics and control algorithm. In over 10 years of product development, Arco-FC has refined the control and cell balancing technology. Each power pack is equipped with state of art of technology for remote data trasmission and monitoring. Each battery is wifi eneabled can be connected to any wifi network to have any function and parameter  monitored. The easy to use APP allow you to know everything about the battery and allow us to have complete monitoring wherere located in the world. Each battery is also equipped with a LCD touchscreen informative display for easy integration in your application console.

System Integration Support

Our Applications Engineering team is available to ensure customer success through the entire system design and integration process.

Volume Manufacturing

Automated and continuous manufacturing processes ensure high quality, low cost production to meet customer demand.

OEM Customers

Our extensive collaborations OEM manufacturers have driven enhanced product durability and performance while rapidly reducing product costs.

Purpose Built Designs

A wide range of custom built lithium battery pack can ensures also purpose-built designs optimized to suit your power application. Our expertise ranges from stationary application to mobile, we can provide lithium battery pack for the most demanding and challenging applications, we are also provider  of battery pack and complete powertrain systems for aerospace application.

Proven Durability

ARCO-FC commercial lithium battery packs are fully validated and show an excellent durability and reliability over many years.