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Good morning everyone! #Hydrogen allows climate and economical benefits and open new job positions for the future #arcofc https://www.umbria24.it/economia/recovery-plan-polo-dellidrogeno-nella-centrale-enel-di-bastardo-creera-300-posti-di-lavoro/amp

Good morning! Recovery plan: H2IT explain why we have to point to #hydrogen #arcofc https://www.ansa.it/canale_ambiente/notizie/energia/2021/04/17/recovery-h2it-sostenga-lo-sviluppo-filiera-dellidrogeno_5f26093d-d075-4e92-a0ef-c45e40ab11a6.html

Good morning everyone!
Among other things, 2020 has been exceptional for #hydrogen: what does the future hold? #arcofc https://youtu.be/Q53R7cftbBk

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