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Good Friday! This article talks about the adoption and the possibilities about #hydrogen and it different use. It was written in July 2019; do you think they have made a correct previsions? #arcofc https://www.iea.org/reports/the-future-of-hydrogen

Good morning! “Is the hydrogen tech 'revolution' hope or hype?” is asking the #bbc in this interesting article. The answer? Is necessary #arcofc https://www.google.it/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/science-environment-53238512

Don’t miss the first @hannover_messe Digital Days incl. #Hydrogen + #FuelCells related topics on July 14 and 15: Two days with top speakers, panel discussions, live chats and much more. Register now for free: https://hannovermesse.digital/en/

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