ARCO-FC Technology

ARCO-FC owns full intellectual property for key technological parts  for both Fuelcells and Lithium battery. Have a read


Hybrid Architecture > High efficiency and low cost of the system

Directlink is the revolutionary patented system that allows a direct connection between the Fuelcell and the battery pack. Thanks to this technology, no expensive DC-DC converter is required. Look here:


Multistage Turbine> High efficiency and low cost of the system.

Turblow is the proprietary solution of Arco-FC that allows the achievement of any air flow and pressure jump regardless of the FuelCell’s power size. Look here:


Membrane Electrode Gasket Assembly > Fast maintenance and low cost

Mega is the patented solution for the assembly of catalytic membranes with sealing gaskets. This solution greatly simplifies the construction of the stacks and allows a remarkable saving. Look here:


Safety Coolant System > improved reliability

. Look here: