Fuel Cell Division

Fuel Cell Division

ARCO FC Division manufactures and provides


Fuel cell stacks to original equipment manufacturers and system integrators to power fuel cell systems for a wide range of applications ranging from stationary to mobile




Complete ready to go Fuel cell power systems for forkift truck and mobile application

Fuel Cell Stacks


Key Advantages of Arco FC  Stack Products:


Proprietary MEA

Over 20 years of product development, Arco FC has refined the membrane electrode assembly, a core component of our fuel cell stack products.


System Integration Support

Our Applications Engineering team is available to ensure customer success through the entire system design and integration process.


Volume Manufacturing

Automated and continuous manufacturing processes ensure high quality, low cost production to meet customer demand.


OEM Customers

Our extensive collaborations OEM manufacturers have driven enhanced product durability and performance while rapidly reducing product costs.


Purpose Built Designs

A wide range of liquid-cooled fuel cell stacks ensures purpose-built designs optimized to suit your power application.


Proven Durability

Arco FC commercial fuel cell stacks are fully validated and show an excellent durability and reliability over many years.

Fuel Cell Systems

Key Advantages of Arco-FC  Automatic Fuel cells power systems


Arco FC fully automatic power systems are ready to use Fuel Cell generation modules specifically designed for forklift application.


The power modules are fully integrated and swappable with the current battery packs. The refilling of hydrogen takes less than 3 minutes and the forklift is immediately ready to go again. Available in three different size and with 24V 48V and 80V Arco FC fuelcells modules can fulfill the request of basically any forklift.

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