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Will the company intend to make profits after 2023?

Good morning and thanks for your interest. Absolutely yes: the equity collection tool goes in the direction of distributing profits as soon as possible for the benefit of the investors and shareholders. In the early years, the priority is to reinvest the profits towards the implementation of the production factors necessary for the development of the company.
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Can investments be deducted from you?

Good morning and thanks for the question. Yes, the Company is enrolled in the Italian Register of Innovative Start-up and and deduction of the investment are possible inside the 2021 tax return (dichiarazione dei redditi del 2021).
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Are there certifications regarding the ownership of ARCO FUEL CELLS S.R.L. of the patents mentioned?

Good morning and thanks for your interest. Yes, certifications are present for DIRECTLINK and Hydrorec patents. We also have other patents in progress…
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First of all, I congratulate you on your innovation. You described the automobile industry as one of the main customer segments. Have you ever had a chance to test the batteries on a car?

Good morning and thank you for your congratulations. We are now working with Truck manufacturer but soon we believe that soon we will be in agreement whit an automotive player.
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Good morning, is there a desire to quote the Company in the future? If so, what advantages will have the investors who believed in you now?

Good morning and thanks for the question. Yes, the listing on the stock exchange is one of the scenarios that we have absolutely considered in the medium-long term.
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Good morning, who can certificate that what you have indicated is true? Duration over 1000km and recharge in 3 minutes; Wwich independent accredited body certifies what you indicate?

Good morning and thank you for your question. The technology has been validated by some important international automotive companies, including Toyota Material Handling. The time of  charging , however, depends on the size of the vehicle and on the power of the filling station. Charging times are decreasing and it is already present, on various commercial vehicles like the Toyota Mirai, the possibility to charge in 3 minutes.
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Good Morning! What type of charger is needed to get the 3 minutes indicated? Would the network of charging stations developed for the electric vehicles be compatible or would new columns with other technology be needed?

Good morning and thanks for your question. The refilling process is based to supply hydrogen, in the gaseous state, in the vehicle tank; over the next 24 months, 250 refueling points will be built throughout Italy.
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Good morning, how does your product differ compared to those of companies in the sector, such as Ballard Power Systems, Hydrogenics or Plug Power?

Good morning and thanks for your question. There are a lot of differences between our product and those of the competitors mentioned, the most important are tied to our patents:
1. DIRECTLINK allows 9% higher efficiency compared to 12% lower costs;
2. Hydrorec allows for 5% higher efficiency at the cost of 10% lower costs.
This is the competitive advantage that we allow us to make the difference in the most of in the respective reference markets.

Good morning, I wanted to understand if you are planning further rounds of capital increases in addition to the current one?

Good morning, thanks for your question. The final result of this first 1 round will show us the way to go in the medium to long term, especially in terms of any further rounds of capital increase; that could be done indicatively between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. The main exit strategy could be the acquisition by a large player/partner in the sector, but, the company is raising capital to structure itself and it starting in producing profits. Listing on the stock market, however, is an option that we are still considering in the medium to long term.
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Good morning, could you explain to me how this battery works? Do I have to do both a refill of electricity and a refill of hydrogen? So two refills instead of one?

Good morning and thank for your question. Our system is an alternative to the batteries: DIRECTLINK is the integration of a Fuel cell and a small buffer of lithium-ion batteries, which exploits the positive aspects of both technologies, from the dynamic response of the batteries to the high efficiency of the Fuel cell. This direct integration of the two chemicals, without any DC to DC converter is our distinctive factor and competitive advantage. Charging in 3 minutes consists of filling the vehicle tank with respect to the hours of a battery. In addition, compared to the only lithium-ion batteries, the weight is 5 times less with the same autonomy. The network of supply columns are under construction throughout Europe and as far as Italy is concerned, it is planned to install them in methane distributors for cars.
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Hello, for how many of the charging and discharging cycles are lithium batteries guaranteed and certified?

Good morning and thanks for your interest. The duration of DIRECTLINK is not measured in number of cycles but in number of operating hours; specifically, it depends on the applications. In the automotive sector there are approximately 5,000 hours (equivalent to 400,000 Km), while in the railway sector they are estimated at 20,000 hours.
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