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Gli ultimi tweet di Arco FC

Good morning! #hydrogen has become a new political priority on the international agenda and the World Energy Council - Germany - discussed on this; the global hydrogen age has arrived! #arcofc https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/world-energy-council-germany-the-global-hydrogen-age-has-arrived/

Good morning! Leiden University find new insights for bring sustainable #hydrogen one step closer. This will open new possibilities? Well done! #arcofc https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/leiden-university-new-insight-brings-sustainable-hydrogen-one-step-closer/

Good morning everyone! Belgium is so committed in #hydrogen that launched HYDROVILLE, the first hydrogen-powered passenger vessel in the world! #arcofc https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/cmb-tech-breaks-ground-on-its-first-hydrogen-station/

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